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December 12, 2002
It's All Bells
"Blue Christmas" by Dave Couse is featured on a new holiday compilation cd from phutloose records. For the full tracklisting click here. "It's All Bells" is available for $10 US and all proceeds go to charity. Buy one for your favourite webmaster today.

In the early 90's A House released some Christmas records. See below some art from those records.

Zop is planning to refresh the discography for the new year. Please take a look and see if you can help with any missing images or info. Thanks and happy holidays!

November 27, 2002
Get The Message
Dave Couse has announced some intentions at his newly functional message board. The plan is to release a single in February and an album in March.

Meanwhile a new comprehensive Q & A session with Mr. Couse is available for viewing here. Enjoy.

October 12, 2002
The Comedy Continues
A new A House/Dave Couse message board has been set up at http://vexxed.co.uk/ahouse/bb/. Check it out. Update: This message board has closed.

The A House best of - The Way We Were is back in stock at amazon.co.uk after being sold out for a while.

The online version of Irish music magazine hotpress, hotpress.com has switched from free access to a paid subscription service. Click here for details.

Couse's London show last month was well received by a small but loyal audience. Couse performed a number of A House classics and some new songs that he is recording for his debut solo album. Just him and his guitar. Till next time then - cheers.

September 9, 2002
London Calling
Dave Couse's Irish tour is over. He had been playing a mix of old and new songs as well as a cover of John Cale's "I Keep A Close Watch". Apparently the gigs went very well. Now Couse is going to London to record his album with Edwyn Collins. Collins has a website with a studio cam at www.edwyncollins.com. Couse has a new website at www.davecouse.com. But don't subscribe to the mailing list on Dave's site quite yet as it doesn't work. Update: Subscribing to the mailing list now does work.

Couse will do a one-off show in London while recording his album. It is at the 12 Bar Club / 22-23 Denmark Place / London / Wednesday 18th September / Tickets 5 / Ticketline : 020 7209 4448. This gig will be available to listen to live on the net at the onlinetvuk.com website. It's free but you still have to register and get a username etc.

Kim's new A House interview with Dave and Fergal is up at hotpress. Definitely worth a read.

And finally Martin Healy and the rest of Ponyclub will be opening a couple of shows for Morrissey. The first is at the Royal Albert Hall in London on September 18 (same night as Couse's London show) and the second is at The Ambassador in Dublin on October 2nd (Sack also supporting).

August 13, 2002
Couse Tour Etc
Dave Couse is doing some shows around Ireland soon. The Dublin show will be recorded and possibly feature on a live cd and dvd put out by Phutloose Records. Thanks to Mallow for the schedule below and Dave for Phutloose.

Fri 23 Aug TBMC Dublin
Thurs 29 Aug Cleeres Kilkenny
Fri 30 Aug Spirit Store Dundalk
Sat 31 Aug Stables Mullingar
Wed 4 Sept Solus Drogheda
Thurs 5 Sept Roisin Dubh Galway
Fri 6 Sept Dolans Limerick*

*Zop recommends seeing Cinerama the next night, Sat 7 Sept at Dolans. Meanwhile M Healy and the rest of Ponyclub were invited by Morrissey to tour with him in America. Ponyclub declined though, due to tight finances and a tighter recording schedule.

I've received positive feedback on purchasing the hard to find double cd version of 'The Way We Were' online from DMG Direct.

Zop is a totally unsupported fan site. With that in mind we've decided to become an Amazon.co.uk associate. What that means is that if you click on a link to a product at Amazon and buy that item Zop will get a small referral fee. If you would like to support Zop and like to shop at Amazon, please use the links over on the right margin. Of course I still link to various other shops on the links page, from which I get no referral fees.

Watch out for the new issue of Hotpress in print and online this week for a feature article on A House by Kim Porcelli.

July 22, 2002
Call Me Blue
Zop now sports a blue background in honour of "The Way We Were". The double cd version of The Way We Were 2cdthe album is out now (released July 5). It is only available in Ireland and limited to 3000 copies. It entered the Irish charts at number 10 and now sits at 13. The single disc version will be out in mid-August and be more readily available in Europe and online. The booklet contains an image of the sleeve for the cancelled single 'Spinster'.

The Irish Times has a 2-page article on A House in the July 14 issue. The Dublin Event Guide has an in-depth article here. Hotpress has a review here.

Dave Couse played the following songs at the Witnness Festival: Closewatch / Raining / I'll Always Be Grateful / No More Apologies / For Sale / Peaceful / Endless Art / Small Talk / Troubles / Touched You / Call Me Blue. He'll finish recording his solo album in September with Edwyn Collins. He hopes for a release in early 2003.

Martin Healy has been recording and playing with Ponyclub. Martin's own band have dropped the name AV8 and are now known as The Sweet Hereafter.

July 8, 2002
Initial copies of the A House 'best of' album, "The Way We Were" will come with a bonus rarities cd. See the tracklisting in the discography section here. The only unreleased song it features is an early demo of "Here Come The Good Times" called "Rock And Roll". The 2CD seems to be available on the shelves only in some parts of the Republic of Ireland. It is nowhere online. Amazon UK now has the album delayed a month from July 22 to August 19. No news from Setanta. Hotpress rates the album 9/10 and why shouldn't they.

Dave Couse's show at the Witnness festival has been officially confirmed here. Sunday on the cafe stage.

And lastly the July 4 issue of the Irish Times had a half page article on A House. Might want to find that.

June 1, 2002
A House News
Lots of news. First, the A House song 'Here Come The Good Times' has been chosen to be Ireland's official World Cup anthem. Here Come The Good TimesIt was recorded as a single with new lyrics and guest vocalists and has been selling quite well. Click here for details from Hotpress.com and here for a story at The Irish Times that includes the new lyrics. Click here to buy it from amazon.co.uk. A World Cup album, named after the A House song, featuring various artists is to follow. 'Here Come The Good Times' has had other attention lately as Dave Couse mentioned that Robbie Williams came very close to recording it. It also featured on the 2001 film 'Blow Dry'.

On the heels of the World Cup single Setanta Records will be releasing an A House 'best of' album called 'The Way We Were' on July 22. Click here for details from Setanta. You can pre-order the album from amazon.co.uk here.

Dave Couse will be recording a solo album at Edwyn Collins' studio. Collins produced the A House album 'I Am The Greatest'. No word on if or when the new album will be released. Couse has recorded other albums with Briana Corrigan and Fergal Bunbury in the past but those remain unreleased.

And finally, news just in from Mallow on the mailing list that Dave Couse will be playing a show in the acoustic tent at the Witnness festival on Sunday July 14. Couse has played a small number of shows over the last year and a half. Here's a Times review of one from this past November. That's all for now. Cheers.

June 1, 2002
ZOP Relaunches
We've been off-line for about a year but ZOP is back with a new url. Why zop.ca? The site is based in Canada. Check out the expanded discography and lyrics section. The files section which we had before has unfortunately been lost in the shuffle. And a reminder that the best source for the lastest A House news and information is the mailing list.