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December 1, 2003
Happy #@!*ing Christmas

I've hung out the annual Zop Christmas decoration. Now for products! Couse t-shirts are now available for sale on his site. Also, there are some professional photographs for sale (or just to look at) of Couse on tour here. Finally, Dave's version of "Blue Christmas" is still available on the charity compilation cd, "It's All Bells", at the phutloose site. Happy holidays from Zop.

October 20, 2003
Still Lonely
Couse has added some Lokomotiv mp3s to the samples section of his website. Also a live video of 'Heart Happy' is up.

Dave is to appear on The Dunphy Show on Fri 24th October. Two songs - something old and something new...

October 10, 2003
The Lonely Surfer Tour
Couse has begun a live tour, named as above. Video of this tour will be available on his official site soon. Dates are as follows:

Oct 17 Dundalk, Spirit Store (with Briana Corrigan)
Oct 23 Boyle, Moving Stairs
Nov 03 Belfast, Auntie Annies (with Nina Hynes)
Nov 07 Dublin, The Village (with Edwyn Collins)
Nov 14 Waterford, The Kings Venue
Nov 15 Cork, The Lobby

Couse appears on Dave Fanning's last broadcast tv show on October 18th with an interview and live tracks.

August 31, 2003
In Da Hub
Couse writes on his message board that he's playing a solo show at the Hub on September 26. Maybe that means something to you hipster Dubliners out there. Expect A House rarities, Genes, and some new songs to be played.

July 31, 2003
More on Couse
There's a new BBC article on Couse's appearance at Witnness here.

WitnnessAnd here are some words from Couse on the rest of 2003: I am thinking of remixing some track with some new b-sides for later on in the year. I'll be playing some small venue in Dublin soonish acoustically, featuring some rare A House songs, Genes and maybe even some new songs, and then later in the year I'll be doing a gig with Edwyn. There will also be gigs around the country. I'm concentrating on getting Genes released in England.

June 30, 2003
Interviews / Discography / Witnness
Two new interviews with Mr. Couse are now available online. The first one is a booklength text at Couse's site. The second is in audio format taped from radio.

Updates to the discography : a better image of 'Heart Happy' single, new image for 'I Want To Kill Something' promo, new image for 'Satisfaction' promo.

The Witnness festival is coming up July 12. This is Couse's last confirmed appearance for the year. For details see the official site here and a special free section of hotpress.com here. Also, 'Familiar Feeling' by Couse appears on a Witnness promo cd put out by the Sunday World newspaper.

May 31, 2003
Archived and Ignorant
This week marks the one year anniversary of Zop.ca! I've done a little spring cleaning and now all 2002 articles are kept on an archive page. Thanks for visiting Zop.

Couse is live in June. Dave Couse continues his tour of Ireland as follows: Sat 14 - Waterford - The Kings Venue / Mon 16 - Galway - Roisin Dubh / Weds 18 - Belfast - Auntie Annies / Sat 21 - Limerick - Dolans

I've located a picture of the very first A House release - the Street Carnival Rock EP. Check it out in the discography. Pretty cool.

April 30, 2003
For Sale
Genes is now available to buy online at Road Records, based in Dublin. If you've heard the album why not head over to Dave's message board to suggest what song should be the next radio single? Look for new May and June tour dates and the Zop discography to appear on www.davecouse.com soon. And feel free to subscribe to Dave's mailing list, which now works.

In related news, A House's old label Setanta has revised their website and the A House message board formerly located at vexxed.co.uk has been closed. That's it for now.

March 31, 2003
Following radio single 'Satisfaction' Dave Couse is releasing his album 'Genes' Geneson his own 'beep beep' label on April 3. Dave is releasing the album at an in-store appearance at Tower Records, Dublin, Thursday April 3, 9:30pm. He will be playing a number of songs backed by his band. Earlier the same evening Dave will be appearing on Tom Dunne's 'Pet Sounds' radio program. For the tracklisting of the new album please click here to reach the discography. And please keep checking www.davecouse.com for the imminent refreshing of the website with audio samples, tour details, purchasing info and more.

February 27, 2003
Couse Update
Dave Couse's 13 song album is due to be released on March 28. There will be no commercial single but a song will be promoted to radio sometime soon.

January 27, 2003
Next Time Round
The A House discography has been updated with a more accurate release order, new notes, half a dozen new sleeve pictures, and other items of interest. Thanks to all who contributed. You're invited to take a look here.

2002 is over. The World Cup is over. The A House 'best of' has come and gone. The centre of interest for A House fans in 2003 will certainly be Dave Couse's career. Dave will be releasing his solo album in March, the first album of new songs distributed since the demise of A House in 1997. Zop will be summarizing events etc. every once in a while but for the latest news on the expected single in February, the album and Dave's tour plans please visit www.davecouse.com and especially his message board. From the songs I've heard as well as comments from critics and fans, the new album will be extraordinary, perhaps the best in his career. Godspeed.